Change authentication from LDAP to E_Mail

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we are currently testing an evaluation version of Mattermost Enterprise E10.
Since we aren’t able to buy a license at this time (due to bureaucratic reasons) we have to temporarily change to Mattermost Free Edition.
Is there a way to change the authentication of all users back to e-mail authentication, without loosing data?

I saw the “migrathe_auth” function, but it can’t change from LDAP to e-mail.

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Hi @reiterbenjamin! Thank you for reaching out.

I believe you’ll have to update the users in the database. If you let me know what DB you’re using - PostgreSQL or MySQL - I can send over a query to change it.

For PostgreSQL it would be:

Replace with the username and this will allow email login.

Update users SET authservice = '' WHERE username = '<USERNAME>';

Make sure the authservice is set to an empty string and not to NULL

Hi @amy.blais,

thanks! That helped.
The syntax for MariaDB is almost the same, so it worked.

PS: Maybe you could add this information to this page:

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