Change user's email address (SSO with Gitlab)


we have Gitlab Mattermost running here and are very happy with it. Our users only authenticate through Gitlab.

Now, we had to change a user’s email address in Gitlab. Unfortunately the one used by Mattermost is still the old one. How can I trigger a sync or change it manually?



Hi @au-ee,

Currently you can trigger a sync by temporarily switching the user’s account to Email/Password and then having them switch back to GitLab through Account Settings -> Security -> Sign-in Method. You can reset their account to Email/Password in the System Console by going to the Users list under a team that user is on, and selecting “Switch to Email/Password”.

I know this isn’t the best solution and we’re looking to ways to improve the OAuth synchronization. I’ve created a ticket here to cause a sync on log in to start towards addressing this issue.