Changing textContent in workday [duplicate]

I am currently working on a Rate my professor Chrome extension that displays professor ratings on the workday. However, I am having some problems for access the specific span element by using getElementsByClassName.

Here is my code:

courses = document.getElementsByClassName(‘gwt-InlineLabel WG5F WF4F’) console.log(courses.textContent)

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In regards to your question, I noticed that you’re trying to access the textContent property for an HTML element collection. Essentially, getElementsByClassName returns an HTML collection, which is an array-like object of all child elements. This means, courses.textContent might not work because you’re trying to access textContent on a collection of elements rather than a single element.

As such, you would need to loop through or access a specific index of courses. Here’s a quick example:

courses = document.getElementsByClassName('gwt-InlineLabel WG5F WF4F'); for (var i = 0; i < courses.length; i++) { console.log(courses[i].textContent); }

That way, you could access and manipulate the textContent property for each div element separately.

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