Blank site on Desktop App and Chrome

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Showing white blank page on both desktop app and Chrome Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

Login or autostart

Expected behavior

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Cant load interface on both Desktop app version 4.2.3 on Windows 10

Observed behavior

Loading page then it stops at white blank page
This is the log file i grab when viewing in Developer Tools:

[Server_Name] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘display_name’ of undefined
webview.addEventListener.e @ index_bundle.js:28467
[Server_Name] Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘display_name’ of undefined index_bundle.js:28467 *
= at index #28467: console.error(message);

Hi @lamdangm, can you help try these troubleshooting steps first:

  1. Try to clear cache and reload the app from View > Clear Cache and Reload or by pressing CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+R.
  2. Quit the app and restart it to see if the issue clears.
  3. Disable GPU hardware acceleration from File > Settings on Windows, by deselecting Use GPU hardware acceleration .
  4. If you are using a special video driver such as Optimus, try disabling it to see if the problem is resolved.
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Thanks Amy, I did clear cache and disabled GPU acceleration in setting page and still run into this same problems

@lamdangm is this a local dev environment you’re running the problem into or a hosted server somewhere?

This is a hosted server deployed by my company. I just ran into this problem today.

Are other members of your team seeing the same issue? Might be worth speaking to the team maintaining company’s Mattermost instance as it’s possible they upgraded recently and may have caused this issue.

They seem using it fine lately. I can still access the site on my android app, but somehow cant use it on my desktop or even Web browser. Thanks for the suggestions.

Do you mind trying Chrome’s incognito mode?

yeah i did try that, even Guest window and Edge but it still stuck and showing blank site after entering my credentials info.

@lamdangm, what server version are you on?

I’m re-opening this thread because we are experiencing the same issue on several devices, operating systems and browsers. You can access to our self-hosted Mattermost server, but when you open the same browser the next day, the page is blank. The only way to correctly load the page is to delete everything after the root domain and refresh the page.
This is very annoying, especially for less experienced users that get stuck and don’t know how to advance. I’ve ready several threads with similar issues, but I don’t think there is a solution. Am I wrong?

This started to happen a few versions ago (unfortunately I can’t tell you for sure which), let’s say about a year ago.

Thanks for your help


I have the same problem - discovered that if you turn off the ‘remembered pin’ on the remote computer it works fine. Open your remote desktop and select the view/edit option and then delete everything you want to. Now type your pin when you connect on your system, then you will see that it will start recovering

Sorry @pandeyanita, I don’t understand what you mean with “remembered pin”. What “remote computer” are you referring to? Which “view/edit” options? Could you be more precise?
Thanks in advance.

By the way, I finally managed to solve the issue. It was due to an outdated mattermost-file-list plugin. Updating this plugin to 0.70 solved the issue.