Blank screen on web after editing 2.5857b4ac8d7ce7f837f4.js

Hey folks! I wanted to change a little the first welcome tutorial text that appears just after the first login and after that, on the web, I just see a blank page. I changed back to original but that didn’t help. I also rebooted the server and also that didn’t help. So right now I can only use Windows and Android apps. Probably other apps except for the web also work. Not sure what to do…
Thanks in advance.

What happen if you go with the private mode of your browser to your Mattermost website?

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Weird. Thanks a lot. So if I make a changes to JS files to edit some texts then I need to reload the site once in Incognito and then again it will work also everywhere without incognito mode?

no, the issue was that on the system where you had the error there was still something in your local cache. if you had tried a browser which did not have your mattermost in cache it would have worked there as well.

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