Unable to login via Windows app (ok on web version)

Login fails “Loading…” is displayed forever within the app’s screen.

Steps to reproduce
Install windows app, add any server, try to login

Is there a way I can share some logs ? There isn’t much observable feedback for the user in my case.

Hi rouelibre1 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

This can sometimes happen with an invalid cache, so please try to ctrl-shift-reload the application when it’s on the “Loading” screen to see if that helps.
Did it ever work on the client you’re using here?
What Mattermost desktop version are you running?

It’s a fresh install of 5.1.1, but I’ve faced the same issue before (and the UI looked a bit different so my guess is that it was a previous version). That’s what caused me to uninstall in the first place.

It had worked for me long ago. I hope it’s just not related to something in the settings or server configs that I missed

Also ctrl-shitf-reload didn’t fix the issue.

Please exit the application, make sure it’s not running anymore then open your Windows explorer and go to %APPDATA%\Roaming. You will see a folder called Mattermost in there. Rename it to Mattermost.old, then start the client again.
You will have to reconfigure your connection profile, but let’s see if that helps. If it does, it probably was related to a broken cache entry in your appdata folder. If it does not fix the problem, we need to dig deeper.

Unfortunately, this didn’t fix it. I faced the same issue on my previous laptop (win 10), and this one is brand new (win 11) I should have mentionned it, there was not a high chance of this begin a cache issue.

OK, good to know.
It could also be an issue with a Adblocker, since the client basically is just using an integrated browser component to render the application. Do you have something like that in place on your system, or any overly motivated antivirus/firewall solution that could cause this?

When you click on the menu in the top left corner of the desktop application, then click on “view” and then on “Developer tools for current server”.
In the window that opened, click on “Console” then you should see a lot of different messages. Leve the window open, switch back to your desktop app and press ctrl-shift-r there to force a reload and please have a look at the console window to see if any relevant error messages are being posted there.

Here’s the result.

Also, I’m using uBlock origin on Firefox, could that be the root cause ?

That’s interesting - another user reported the same issue in our community chat with this provider.

He was able to see the following error message in the logfiles of the desktop application:

[2022-08-26 10:37:50.116] [info]  Prevented desktop from navigating to: https://framateam.org/?redirect_to=%2FXXXXXX%2F

Do you also see something like that?
If so, this specific user reported that he managed to workaround the problem by changing the URL, but I’m not sure if this would help you here:

I've put : 
Instead of :

I hope this helps, otherwise I think it would probably help to get in touch with the framateam provider.

Ok I just succeeded. The issue was between the chair and keyboard: I was trying to specify the full server url (namely: Mattermost & other spaces that I’m a member of) instead of the main url (https://framateam.org/)

That was extremely confusing for me in the process and I believe a hint/example in the UI might not be overkill, as it made me uninstall the software and not use it for months, on top of being puzzled and lost :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and kindness!

In fact, the server configuration screen is being reworked as we speak in order to work around issues like that. Right now, you can paste any URL there (even a deep link into a channel) and this causes confusion and troubles in multiple places, so I’ll be happy when this is fixed sometime soon.

Glad to hear you’re up and running!