Can't connect with Windows App but can through browser

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I am unable to connect with the Windows Desktop Client but I am able to connect through a web browser

Steps to reproduce
I am using version 5.37.1 of the server and 4.1.2 of the desktop app. All I did was install the client and put in my server settings (which by the way works on a different computer in the same network). I am able to open up chrome and go to the URL and get a login.

Expected behavior
I expect it to connect when providing my credentials

Observed behavior
The client just shows the logo spinning for about 20-30 seconds then changes to the three dots at the top and then sits there … left it for over 10 minutes and never did anything else.

Additional Notes:
Windows firewall is off.
Mattermost server is within this same physical network but on a separate VLAN and I am using split-dns in order to access it internally. The URL resolves to the internal address and the URL name matches the certificate on the server. I can ping the IP address from my desktop

My computer is set up to dual-boot so I have an additional (completely separate) copy of windows on the same system and the client works inside that one. My IP address on the computer is a DHCP reservation so I’m getting the same IP address on both installs of Windows so as far as the firewall is concerned it’s the same system.

I can’t think of anything else to provide or to try.

Would you be open to trying out with a more recent version of the desktop app? Our most recent version is v4.7.1.

Ahh… I’m not sure how I downloaded such an old version but the other install of windows IS using 4.7.1 and that must be why it wasn’t working. It now works, thank you Amy!