Mattermost app : server url error with the last desktop version

Hi there,

these is my first post in mattermost forum, and my english is not god enough to explain well.

I’im using desktop app in my office to connect to the server.

i was using an old version (3.7.1) and it works well.

last time, i updated my app to the last version, and i’m not able to connect to my server.

the local server url is https://mattermost/ but it doesn’t work in the last windows desktop, it tells me that the url is not well spelled (i must add “www” but i can’t do this in my local server).

could you please tell me why it works perfectly with the old version 3.7.1 but not with 4.2.3?

thanks in advance.

Hi @deado, does your issue look similar to this

Hi @amy.blais thanks for your answer.

Yes, I think it’s the same issue.

Do I need to wait the next version of the app? (4.3)

@deado Yes, it will be fixed in v4.3 release.

Thanks a lot, I tried the alpha version and it works perfectly.