MacOS desktop app server url will be changed

Hi all,

I’m using mac os desktop app v5.3.1 with self-host mattermost v7.9.1

When I set a new Server URL to http://{my_host}:{my_port} and I found that I cannot login, and check the url again in Edit Server dialog, it has been changed to http://{my_host}.
Is this a bug? Or what should I do to fix this?

update: same situation on win10 (app v5.3.1)


Would you be open to reporting this at Issues · mattermost/desktop · GitHub and our desktop app team can investigate?


Sorry @YiruChen , I was busy the last few days and overlooked your question here.

I saw it in GitHub now and answered there, but I’m not sure if this is really a bug - please verify your SiteURL setting as mentioned in the GitHub issue to start with.

After I modify the variable MM_SERVICESETTINGS_SITEURL in .env file, it works, thanks.

Awesome, thanks for confirming that this was the reason for your problem. Marking this topic as resolved now.