I keep getting this error on the Mattermost app when I try to log in. I figured out that, on a web browser, if I change the server URL to http://servername:8065/ instead of https:// it worked, so it must be a problem with trying to log in through https://.
However, on the app, it won’t let me change it to http. WHen I edit the server it automatically changes back to https:// and therefore cannot connect.
Thank you.

Hi pbe and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I assume you’re using the lastet build of the app, v5.2.0 which added a new feature that will force the client to connect to the URL the server administrator defined in the server settings. So in your specific case, the setting SiteUrl in your Mattermost server’s config.json most likely is set to https:// and therefore the desktop app also always uses this URL.
Please make sure to change the SiteUrl variable to a valid URL for your deployment and restart your Mattermost server for the changes to take effect.

Hi! Thanks!

Thank you this was useful. In trying to find my config.json file I realised it wasn’t in the place that your website says, and I thought this was probably because I had installed Mattermost through homebrew. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it through the App Store, which fixed the problem (I guess because the App Store version is 5.1.1 and not 5.2?). In the future, I will probably automatically update mattermost when I update homebrew, which may bring back the problem. So I do have a short follow-up, where is the config.json file usually stored when mattermost is installed through homebrew? Thanks again and sorry for the very basic question.

Hi again,

the config.json file is not relevant for the client, this is the server configuration file. Am I right to assume that you’re just a user on your Mattermost server and are not administering it? If so, you would have to point your Mattermost system administrator to this thread and ask them to check the server setting SiteUrl in their config.json.

Ah yes. You are right in assuming that. Thank you very much!

Alright, let me know if that helped or if you require additional information.