Mattermost App 4.2.3 & Windows Server 2016


By some reason I could not run the Mattermost Desktop Apps v.4.2.3 on the server Windows 2016. Web version is starting fine without any issues, but apps is not working

When i try to run the Desktop App - i login via AD FS, application is running with a white empty window, I have a menu bar and nothing more. Information on the requirements page tell me - Desktop App is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10. I try to run the Desktop App on the Citrix VDA with Windows 2016Mattermost

@DaoDao What Mattermost server version are you on?

Hello, @DaoDao

A couple of questions that I would like to clarify with you.

  • Can you confirm if the log in process is similar to the desktop app Since you mentioned that there is no issue with the web app?

  • Based on the screen shot you provided, it seems that the process is stuck in the Browser SSO windows. Since you mentioned that you logged in via ADFS, may I know if this instance is configured to use Certificate-Based Authentication?

  • Any other users running on similar environment facing the same problem?