Desktop - repeatedly I can't connect to the server

Hi, I use Mattermost on desktop (Win 11) longer than a year and in the last month repeatedly I can’t connect to the same server via external authentication (option at the bottom below the login fields). My tries often end by a message:

Redirecting to browser…

Authenticating in the browser, awaiting valid token.

… and nothing.
I tried to reinstall newest version of the app and first it worked. Bud after couple weeks I’ve got the same problems.
The server works as usual I guess, my teammates have no problems with connection.
Does anybody know, what’s the problem?

Hello Filip,

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing some trouble with your Mattermost desktop app. It sounds like it’s quite a frustrating situation for you, especially as your team seems to be running smoothly.

Firstly, I want to commend you on the steps you’ve taken so far for resolving the issue on your own: reinstalling the latest version and checking with your team about their connection statuses.

To resolve your issue, there are a few things I would recommend. Connectivity issues can sometimes be due to firewall settings or proxy configurations. Would you please check if there are any changes in these in your network?

Another thing concerns how tokens are being managed within your system. There could be issues if too many tokens are being generated, causing the system to reject newer ones. Hence, you may want to check with your system administrator about the token bucket size handling.

If none of these pointers help resolve your issue, it would be helpful if you could provide any error messages or console outputs you’re getting when trying to connect. You can access the developer console from the desktop app by going to the 3-dot-menu > More Tools > Developer Tools, and then clicking on the ‘Console’ tab.

I understand how vital staying connected with your team is, especially in this remote-work era. Rest assured, we are here to assist you in resolving this issue.

~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

[Disclaimer: This was an AI assisted response powered by Mattermost AI. Were any of the above suggestions inaccurate? Let us know by replying to this comment!]