[Solved] Windows client, just a white screen after login :(

When logging in to mattermost window desktop client I am presented with a white screen and no content.

Steps to reproduce
Windows mattermost client: 5.2.2
Mattermost Version: 5.26.2 (yes I know its old, I am trying to upgrade but had to revert)
Database Schema Version: 5.26.0

Expected behavior
Login and be presented with normal chat client

Observed behavior
Login, while screen - no chat client (working on other installs and in the web view). Error message is
[2023-02-05 12:44:52.592] [error] Error parsing server data from http://mmost.xxxxxxxx.com:8065/xxx/api/v4/config/client?format=old
[2023-02-05 12:44:52.593] [error] Error parsing server data from http://mmost.xxxxxxxxxx.com:8065/xxx/api/v4/plugins/webapp

I have tried:

  • CTRL + R
  • Developer tools (Current server and application wrapper) deleting all sessions and cookies
  • clear cache and fully reload
  • Uninstalling - manual clean up from %APPDATA%(local, local\programs, roaming) - reboot - reinstall

Strange thing… is even after a reinstalled, it doesn’t ask me to login, it asks for the server and logs straight in to this broken state, so it still knows me!

I would take, knowing where to delete everything from

Ok, so I went into developer tools for the current server and enabled “disable cache” like I would in control on the console view, and it just started working.

It was broken like this for months.

Would be good to know where its REALLY storing its cache on disk so that an uninstall would have worked.

Hi @mrforsythexeter and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

%appdata%\Mattermost is the path it should be, you can try to verify that by stopping your Mattermost application and then renaming the folder to Mattermost.bak f.ex. and start it again. If all your settings are lost, this is the right folder. Stop the application, remove the newly created Mattermost folder there and move the backup folder back (by renaming it to Mattermost again). If this experiment does not work and renaming the folder does not wipe your profile, we need to dig deeper. It could very well be, that your Mattermost application has been installed in some different folder or with in some kind of a security enclave with isolated directories, but I highly doubt that.

With regards to the keyboard shortcut you used: CTRL-Shift-r would have been the key combination for a full reset (including cache flush). You can also click this shortcut in the app’s menu: