Channels Names are not listed anymore after Server Update

I took over the mattermost administration of our local server.
We run version 5.31.7 right now.
Since I do not have any experience with server admin stuff I wanted to make a test server on another machine to try stuff out, like upgrading the version for example.

I upgraded to version 6 and then 7. Already when upgrading to version 6 I had the issue that the Channels names are not listed anymore in the sidebar on the left. I can still access them via the search though.

I use postgresql for the database.

I found those two posts:

Sadly I couldn’t manage to solve the problem.

Steps to reproduce

  • I installed Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on and old computer.
  • Following [this]( Install Mattermost Server on Ubuntu 22.04|20.04|18.04 | ComputingForGeeks) guide until Step 7 I installed the server with version 5.31.9 ESR
  • Everything went fine, I populate the server with some channels and sent files / messages
  • I then upgraded to version 6.7.2 using the official upgrade [guide]( Upgrade Mattermost Server)
  • After that I had the sidebar issue
  • I finally upgraded to 7.0.2 and then to 7.4.0
  • Everything seems to work besides the sidebar problem

Expected behavior
Sidebar should still be there containing all the channel names

Observed behavior
No sidebar

The two posts:
Cant see channels - Troubleshooting - Mattermost Discussion Forums

[Solved] Channels disappear after upgrading - Troubleshooting - Mattermost Discussion Forums

Hi janis.peter and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

As mentioned in the important upgrade notes, you need to first upgrade to 5.37.10 before you can continue the upgrade to newer versions.
So instead of doing 5.31.7 → 6.x → 7.x, you would do 5.31.7 → 5.37.10 → 7.4.0.

Can you please try that and let me know if this helps with the problems you’re seeing?

I went through the fresh setup process again, and indeed, first upgrading to 5.37.10 worked out fine.

Awesome, glad to hear that and thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: