Chatgpt bot Websocket error in Docker

I’m running Mattermost in Docker on a Synology NAS, but I’m having trouble running the chatgpt-mattermost-bot container.

Steps to reproduce
(First of all, I’m not an English speaker and I don’t know programming. I’ve just been thrown into this by accident, and I thank you in advance for your kind responses.)

I am using Mattermost as Self-hosted in Docker on a Synology NAS.
and I saw a github and youtube video that said I could create a chatgpt bot and tried to follow it, but I keep failing to run the chatbot container.

I checked the logs of that container and it seems to have a problem with websocket.
My Mattermost URL is a reverse proxy, and I’m wondering if that might be the reason.

I followed this manual :
(Run Mattermost in Synology NAS)

(Mattermost chatgpt bot)

Expected behavior
The chatbot container is running without issues and the chatbot is working well.

Observed behavior

(1.container manager - mattermost)

(2.container manager - chatbot)

(3.reverse proxy rules - mattermost 1)

(4.reverse proxy rules - mattermost 2)

(5.mattermost - system console)

(6.chatbot container run failed log)

2023/09/04 19:47:11 stderr {level:ERROR,time:2023-09-04T10:47:10.999Z,name:bot,pid:1,hostname:b1cc31c09b39,diff:0}
2023/09/04 19:47:11 stderr {level:INFO,time:2023-09-04T10:47:10.998Z,name:bot-ws,msg:websocket closed,pid:1,hostname:b1cc31c09b39,diff:0}
2023/09/04 19:47:11 stderr {level:INFO,time:2023-09-04T10:47:10.998Z,name:bot-ws,pid:1,hostname:b1cc31c09b39,diff:1}