Client App And Browser Session Expired : Going from TLS to None


I have a self hosted mattermost instance. I previously had it set to use TLS with self signed certificates. I want to employ LetsEncrypt to do the TLS.

In doing this, I felt it probably better to go from TLS to None to LetsEncrypt in those stages , and testing in each stage as to be cautious.

However when I went from TLS to None for the connection security, I was no longer able to log in to the server from the client app or the browser on the client, with the message stating “session expired”. I was sure to make certain that the Server URL and the listening port was set correctly. I also reset the password to see if I could get in with a new password.

On the client app (i.e. Mac OS X 5.4.0) I also see a red banner stating javascript error. See javascript error on console. However I am not familiar with this area and did not want to go off on a tangent.

Is there a simple explanation and workaround for this issue ?

Any help will be appreciated