Client Error connecting to Gitlab

Hi Guys,

I have installed Mattermost (via the omnibus installer) to the latest version ( 8.1.1-ee) and its alive and kicking. However when I login as a Gitlab admin user I get the following message;

Signed in successfully.
An error has occurred

Client authentication failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method.

We have a proxy server running which is forwarding to both the Gitlab & Mattermost instances and they are installed on the same machine.

I have tried to uninstall the application and reinstall ( following the documentation) and done a number of gitlab-ctl reconfigures but nothing helps.

Can anyone suggest any additional things I could try.

Thanks in advance


Hi @INSYEN, thanks for installing Mattermost!

I’d propose sequencing the issue, if you’re having issues logging into the GitLab-ee UI, propose checking

Once you’re auth’d into GitLab the Mattermost community could help with issues getting GitLab Mattermost up and running,

Hi @it33,

I have no issue logging into the Gitlab itself, we have been using it for some time and that’s how I was able to see the error in the first place. This is definitely a Mattermost / Gitlab integration problem as the login works fine its only after that we see the error.