[SOLVED] Client authentication failed due to unknown client

I went through the process of enabling mattermost in my gitlab install tonight. I configured it using a url, logged in saw it worked. Then decided that url wasn’t great. I changed the url (domain) in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and reconfigured gitlab with gitlab-ctl reconfigure. I then tried to login to mattermost using the new url.

It was redirecting me to a gitlab page saying the redirect url was invalid. After checking settings I decided to deauthorize the application in gitlab for my user and under the admin application settings.

Now when I try to login using a gitlab account I get the following error.

Client authentication failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method.

Anyone have ideas on how to resolve this?

Hi @gregf,

In your GitLab instance, can you go to Admin Area -> Applications -> GitLab Mattermost and look at the Redirect URIs set? My guess is that they didn’t update correctly to your new Mattermost URL. If that’s the case, try updating them to use the new URL (making sure to leave the URL paths the same).

@jwilander I never got an email saying you replied so sorry for the really long delay, was just looking at this again today. I had previously gave up. I tried changing the url there, that didn’t fix the problem. I even tried removing it and I still have the same error. My hope in removing it was it would regenerate on next login or reconfigure.

Hi @gregf,

Mattermost v4.1 releases today. Perhaps you could try a fresh install using the latest version with your GitLab instance?

If that doesn’t help, feel free to come back and we can troubleshoot further.

Still having this issue has never been resolved. I’m on the latest gitlab as of posting this.

Hi @gregf,

Thanks for your feedback,

Which server version of Mattermost do you have installed?

@lindy65 I have 4.8.0 installed.

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I solved this by switching from the gitlab integrated version to a dedicated install. All seems to be working great now. Thanks anyways.

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Glad your issue is resolved @gregf :slight_smile: