Config.json settings

On first run of mattermost app, Is it possible to define auto login from the config.json.
Also can we run mattermost with a different config location/file.


Hi @kevin.byrne,

For auto-login: There are two cookies that need to be set to login without a password and username. Here’s an example of how to set them:

setcookie('MMUSERID', '<user id from database>', time()+606024*30, ‘/’, ‘’, true, true);
setcookie('MMAUTHTOKEN', '<Authentication Token Value>', time()+606024*30, ‘/’, ‘’, true, true);

Replace <user id from database> and <Authentication Token Value> with their respective values for that user. You can get both of these values with a database query, or by using the authentication instructions for the Mattermost API..

Thanks @amy.blais - this is actually for the Windows desktop application.
Is there any way to have the setting below enabled by default?

Hi @kevin.byrne,

Currently that setting is disabled by default:

To have it enabled by default, you can open a feature request ticket in the desktop app repo (

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Hi @kevin.byrne

You can depoly a registry key with GPO Preferences to set this as default.

The key is within HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

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