Constant "Invalid session" errors in client

Server log contains Invalid session messages constantly (every couple of seconds)

Steps to reproduce
No idea how to reproduce. Seen on various versions, currently 7.8.4.

Expected behavior
A way to track down the reason for this appearing and eliminate it from the log spam

Observed behavior

info  [2023-07-28 13:05:49.397 +10:00] Invalid session                               caller="web/handlers.go:277" error="GetSession: Invalid session token=None, err="
warn  [2023-07-28 13:05:49.924 +10:00] Error while creating session for user access token caller="app/session.go:90" error="createSessionForUserAccessToken: Invalid or missing token., resource: UserAccessToken id: token=None"

This pattern repeats every couple of seconds or so, all the time.

Is there a way to track down why this is happening and eliminate it from the log spam?

I managed to get some insight here by looking at the source code, and logging requests directly in the proxy.

  1. token=None is relevant here - it’s logging that a request was received with the auth token set to the literal string None. That strongly implies a python client printing an auth header token string, from a None value.
  2. Logging the Authorization header on all incoming requests to the proxy did reveal cases of a user setting Authorization: Bearer None on their incoming webhook posts, leading to this error.

I think we could make this easier to track down by including the following in the logging:

  • the full request path
  • where the token was found (header or cookie)

In theory the full request path is logged, but it’s a debug log line and is from a defer call. With the server being so busy, the later deferred debug log line was mixed up with all the other requests constantly happening and I could not associate one with the other. Putting the details directly in the logged message would help.