Invalid session token - Stopping server

I followed the guide “Production Install on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS” and I have successfully installed it (3.4.0) in one machine configuration.
Everything seems to works, but after a while the server has started, the mattermost service always stops working. I have to restart the server to see mattermost working again.
Here is the log:
[2016/10/09 22:50:59 CEST] [INFO] Server is initializing…
[2016/10/09 22:50:59 CEST] [INFO] Pinging sql master database
[2016/10/09 22:50:59 CEST] [INFO] Pinging sql replica-0 database
[2016/10/09 22:51:01 CEST] [WARN] Unable to find active license
[2016/10/09 22:51:01 CEST] [INFO] Starting Server…
[2016/10/09 22:51:01 CEST] [INFO] Server is listening on :8065
[2016/10/09 22:51:01 CEST] [INFO] RateLimiter is enabled
[2016/10/09 22:55:32 CEST] [EROR] Invalid session token=475yuw79m7rwfy8qrkder8t1zh, err=sessionIdOrToken=475yuw79m7rwfy8qrkder8t1zh
[2016/10/10 07:44:51 CEST] [INFO] Stopping Server

Hi there.

Old thread but I want to check in if the error is still relevant. The error you shared from the log shows the invalid session token prior to the server stopping. Since you mentioned that it was working previously, can you recall the action performed prior to the issue?

  • Did you perform any changes from the front end or the backend of the Mattermost installation?
  • Since you mentioned that you have to restart to have the instance running again, do you recall the period when the server shuts down again? Does it happen randomly or on a specific timing?
  • Did you log in to Mattermost when the server was running properly and if yes, did you log out from the session properly?
  • Whenever you were able to log in to Mattermost UI, are you able to navigate to System Console to revoke the session of the user that you are logged in and log in again after that to see if the issue continues to persist?