Customize Colors For All Users In Team

Is it possible to modify the colorscheme for all users?

I’ve seen that the “Default Theme” option exists – but is for Enterprise E10 or higher.

My site’s color scheme is very dark, so the default Mattermost colors are a big shock if you switch back and forth. But my usecase – education community – can’t afford this plan.

Are there any other ways to accomplish a dark theme?

Hi @justinmoon, I am not aware of any other ways to enforce a Dark theme across your users. Even with the Default Theme option, it only applies to all new users on the system.

For existing users, they will still need to change the settings manually.

Regarding the E10 license, you might want to consider checking out the Academic License where students can use it for free, although you will still need to pay the usual price for the staff members.


WHOA!!! That Academic license would be perfect. Thanks Joe.