Customizing of pages, mails, content?


is there perhaps the possibility to change some status mails (texts, content, and so on…)?
Information about an new message? For our customer it might be more easy, to get something written in german :flag_de:. Perhaps there are an template we can change some textpatterns?
Also any (web-)sites we can change to get our installation more known, that it is ours?

Thanks a lot!



Hi @MartinH,

so far what’s possible is to translate everything into German. There is a translation to german taking place in our Mattermost Translation Server and you’re more than welcome to help us with the translation.

Translations are being made by contributions, so if you want and are able to help please do.

You can find more information regarding localizations here.


Hello @elias,

thanks for the reply.

But, what i mean is, that we can change the content of some status-mails oder notifications in any html-pages or some other places?
The translation would be nice, but that another step, more later…

So for example get another image to the “New Direct Message on…” email or “You have one new message”…




Hi Martin, so far the only way to change the text is using translations. About the change of images I think so far is not possible.

sorry for the bad news.

Hi @MartinH,

Could you share a prioritized list of what you would like to customized?

What’s most important, second most important, third, and so on.

Mattermost releases new features monthly, so if you shared your list and others agreed with the priorities, then feature ideas could be contributed to improve the product.