Data retention settings in config / Clear posts

is there a chance of getting the data retention settings to work, if not using Enterprise edition?

They are active here like:

"DataRetentionSettings": {
    "EnableMessageDeletion": true,
    "EnableFileDeletion": true,
    "MessageRetentionDays": 5,
    "FileRetentionDays": 5,
    "DeletionJobStartTime": "02:00"

but are not working.

Is there any possibility for non enterprise users to implement this behaviour via another approach?

At the moment I use the SQL-Command: TRUNCATE TABLE posts for this. It works, but isn’t it a little bit “hardcore”


Hi @mcdaniels,

Unfortunately Data Retention is only available in E20:

I read this in the docs, but hoped that it is somehow available :wink:

BTW: Mattermost is a real great product! Keep up the good work!

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