Data retention / storage maintenance in open source team edition

Dear Mattermost team,

users have been asking you for many many years, but you have never responded in any way as far as I can tell.

Data retention can not be an enterprise only feature - especially those in non-profits or small teams cannot simply throw more money in servers at the problem, especially since storage usage is something that grows extremely quickly today, if not cleaned regularly.

Messing around with the database in messy hackjobs is not an option either for stability reasons.

So on behalf of the thousands of small teams who needed this for years I ask:

Will you make data retention / storage maintenance available in the team edition, or not?

A clear answer would be appreciated so we know whether or not to waste our time.

Thank you.

Some keywords so people find this and we have a central spot to keep track of updates, instead of the scattered unanswered posts so far:
Mattermost maintenance, mattermost purge, mattermost cleaning, mattermost retention team edition

@ahmaddanial @amy.blais I think you guys are the ones who could accurately respond to this one.

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Hi, @XxLilBoPeepsxX

I have brought this up internally to get a more solid word on our direction towards this and will update this thread once we get the confirmation from the team. Thanks.

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Hi, @LorraineMejia

I can confirm that there are no current plans to move data retention to the open source Team Edition. We welcome you to submit the feedback here for our product managers to review in Mattermost Uservoice.

If you already have any specific threads / topics that you are following, please share the links here so I can specifically share them to the product team for reference. Thanks.

For the record, this is the latest information as of April 2021.

Now we have confirmation that Mattermost in the open source edition is useless. Thank you for making that clear finally.

It grows indefinitely, is unmaintainable, does not have any sort of deletion whatsoever, does not respect basic data privacy requirements.
If you have infinite funds at your disposal and hardware that can grow infinitely as well, you can use it. Otherwise, no.

As you have not cared for more than 5 years I see no point in helping you find the threads you should already know if you did your job, but for anyone else, I will post a few.
It should not be necessary to remind anyone that resources are limited, so this should not be a topic of interest to begin with. You don’t just throw away the server once it’s full - you clean up.

Here is one of the countless of scattered requests that links to a hackjob that’s the only current remedy (a well made one, but still a hackjob by definition).

Also an interesting comment:

Tammo Schülke commented · April 05, 2020 22:43

This is a mandatory feature under the GDPR. Coupling it to a certain enterprise licensing model is bordering on illegality. I assume Mattermost is targeting the EU market as well.


I’m sure you’re able to use Google yourself, this has been an issue for more than half a decade and people tried all kinds of things.

Here a direct link to the person that cares more about Mattermost than the Mattermost team itself:

(This forum blocks me from posting more than 2 links, so copy paste this.)

Jan actually went through the convoluted mess of a database line by line… an enormous amount of unpaid work for something that’s extremely trivial otherwise. And work that is quite useless - why would he make it his life’s task to constantly maintain it whenever MM changes?
If MM weren’t just using the open source edition as free marketing, we could all cooperate to build a proper solution that lasts, but no, you’re not interested in that.

At least now everyone can see clearly. Thank you for that.
We’ve waited far too long for a clear answer and messed around with hacking the database manually.