Database migration

After a failed upgrade I cannot update to version 5.34.

I’m using the update script and after the service starts I get an error in the database migration.

Failed to apply database migrations
Dirty database version 1. Fix and force version.

Is there a way to force the migration to update the database schema?


As stated in

I dropped the table schema_migrations and could upgrade.

Hello. I am trying to update mattermost version 5.33.5 to version 5.37.6, I do all the steps indicated in the instructions, but I get this error:
Try to follow this forum where they say that you can delete the scheme_migrations table to clean the dirty database but it does not work, the table once given the DROP instruction is deleted but a few seconds later it reappears it is never deleted, so trying to start the mattermost service fails again with this error. I would like to know step by step what you gave him after the DROP table to follow you.

How is that you drop the table and gets recreated?

My guess is that you don’t have sufficient permissions and you’re not deleting it at all.