Upgrade from 5.39.2 to 6.x

i have problems when i try to upgrade to 6.x versions ( i try them all )
error that i get is info [2021-12-17 23:54:34.702 +02:00] Pinging SQL caller=“sqlstore/store.go:262” database=master
debug [2021-12-17 23:54:34.702 +02:00] Hub is starting caller=“app/web_hub.go:410” index=15
info [2021-12-17 23:54:34.709 +02:00] Pinging SQL caller=“sqlstore/store.go:262” database=migrations
warn [2021-12-17 23:54:34.919 +02:00] Attempting to upgrade the database schema version caller=“sqlstore/upgrade.go:249” stored_version=5.39.0 current_version=5.39.0 new_version=6.0.0
fatal [2021-12-17 23:54:34.920 +02:00] failed to upsert system property: pq: there is no unique or exclusion constraint matching the ON CONFLICT specification caller=“sqlstore/upgrade.go:227”

what i see in code is that problem is related with insert of version into database but i cannot be sure
Please advice

Hi zulusbg, sorry for the late reply and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Do you still have the problem? If so, can you please dump the schema of your mattermost database and upload it here so that I can see whats wrong?