Upgrade from 5.39.2 to 6.x

i have problems when i try to upgrade to 6.x versions ( i try them all )
error that i get is info [2021-12-17 23:54:34.702 +02:00] Pinging SQL caller=“sqlstore/store.go:262” database=master
debug [2021-12-17 23:54:34.702 +02:00] Hub is starting caller=“app/web_hub.go:410” index=15
info [2021-12-17 23:54:34.709 +02:00] Pinging SQL caller=“sqlstore/store.go:262” database=migrations
warn [2021-12-17 23:54:34.919 +02:00] Attempting to upgrade the database schema version caller=“sqlstore/upgrade.go:249” stored_version=5.39.0 current_version=5.39.0 new_version=6.0.0
fatal [2021-12-17 23:54:34.920 +02:00] failed to upsert system property: pq: there is no unique or exclusion constraint matching the ON CONFLICT specification caller=“sqlstore/upgrade.go:227”

what i see in code is that problem is related with insert of version into database but i cannot be sure
Please advice