Default Web Visible ("DWV") data for AI-acceleration

We recently announced our OpenOps framework to bring AI-acceleration to the Mattermost platform with a variety of different LLM backends, including Azure AI and OpenAI.

As part of this initiative we are moving to “Default Web Visible” (or “DWV”) for information that’s not confidential. This lets us more easily evaluate the ability of current and future LLM models to incorporate DWV data into workflows–starting with web-aware systems like Google Bard.

For example, if we’re starting an internal initiative to train our sales engineers on how to use AI features in OpenOps, we can discuss such an initiative in DWV systems, like Reddit or the Mattermost Forum, where the information can be picked up by AI models through web search rather than requiring specialized ingestion processes needed for private data.

The additional benefit of defaulting to DWV systems is the ability to be more transparent with our open source community, who can both more easily view our thinking and discussions on DWV platforms, as well as learn about our initiatives through future web-aware LLMs.

We welcome feedback to this approach across our communities. Do you think it’ll be effective? Any caveats you think we should consider? Are there other models we could learn from?

Please feel free to respond, like, report or comment,

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@zigler not super urgent, but if there’s a way to turn on the ability to Markdown or HTML-embed videos on our blog into other content that could be helpful in getting our content more engaging,

I was linking to your blog post on OpenOps, and wanted to embed the video here as an asset, but the permissions seems to be off for that:

I’m not sure if it’s because we decided not to offer embedding, or if embedding is a paid feature of the platform.

I’m also wondering if we should just switch to YouTube, as part of DWV so we can more easily have our video content available to web-aware LLMs.

Hey @it33_mattermost

This video has been uploaded to both YouTube and Wistia, and for external-facing content it’s best to link directly to YouTube. All the normal embed tools work here for YouTube. For example, I already shared the video you linked as it’s own thread here, pointing to the YouTube video: Getting started with OpenOps tutorial video now available on YouTube!

We are using Wistia on the blog to avoid ads from playing on our own website, but for general social sharing we should use YouTube.

Let me know if you have any other questions or clarification on this!

Thanks Andrew! Very much appreciated, will use the YouTube link to embed,