Delete posted messages

Admins and normal users are able to delete posted messages anytime, regardless when they are posted.

In slack we can restrict the user to edit/delete the posted message upto certain time, beyond that time the message can’t be edited/deleted…

Will this feature be added in future releases.

If not exactly same as slack feature, are there any plans to restrict deletion of posted messages by normal users.

Thanks @kdevineni,

These features make a lot of sense.

Could we have your help filing a feature idea so this can be upvoted?

Votes help the core team prioritize,

Also, if anyone is interested in making a pull request on this, please post here, along with any questions, so the core team can support your work.

Hi there,

we need this feature, too. I’m looking into it. Can’t promise anything because I didn’t start yet. If anyone else wants to work on this, don’t hold back.

However, my idea:

  • For the start: A Team setting “Allow edits” + “Allow deletes”.
  • Next steps: Channel + Server Options “Allow edits” + “Allow deletes”.
  • Edits(/deletes) are only possible if:
    Server.allowEdits == true && Team.allowEdits == true && Channel.allowEdits == true
    Why? Most likely you want to disallow edits because some form of regulation forces you. These regulations are most likely company-wide / team-wide. Therefore they can not be overwritten on an lower level.

What are your thoughts on this?