Deploying to EB fails

I ran through the instructions to implement the AWS test instance, but got the following error:

2015-10-01 09:15:17 UTC-0400 ERROR Creating Auto Scaling group named: awseb-e-7sigf3mqmq-stack-AWSEBAutoScalingGroup-1X1M9ATMUHKRI failed Reason: The specified instance type can only be used in a VPC. A subnet ID or network interface ID is required to carry out the request. Launching EC2 instance failed.

It looks to like the step that is missing might be checking the “VPC” option on deployment. I didn’t make that change, I was afraid of the potential cost implications!

Amazon gives you a VPC by default. So I’m not sure what the issue is unless you have a really old Amazon EC2 account and are running on the EC2-Classic platform.

From Amazon’s website:
You must launch your T2 instances into a virtual private cloud (VPC); they are not supported on the EC2-Classic platform. Amazon VPC enables you to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that you’ve defined. You cannot change the instance type of an existing instance in EC2-Classic to a T2 instance type. For more information about EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC, see Supported Platforms For more information about launching a VPC-only instance, see Instance Types Available Only in a VPC.