Deployment on Kubernetes cluster "reconciling"

Attempting a test deployment of Mattermost in a clean Kubernetes Cluster

Steps to reproduce
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)
Walking through the Kubernetes deployment steps in the deployment guide (and have tried separate avenues along the way)

Expected behavior
Expecting mattermost to come up and run

Observed behavior
No matter what I do, I get to the very last step of:
kubectl apply -n mattermost -f /path to .yaml file

This executes just fine and then when I monitor with:
kubectl -n mattermost get mm -2

The “STATE” never changes from reconciling. I’ve waited up to an hour before.

Brand new to mattermost so hoping I’m just missing something obvious.


@charlieharcum Were you able to find a resolution for this? Running into the same issue.