Design Preview: Custom Branding Enhancements

DISCLAIMER: This is an early design preview and is undergoing customer validation.

Hey everyone, I’d like to share another early design preview for some enhancements we’re looking at to the custom branding capabilities.

Our enterprise customers need tools that can be suited to their organization. Having an experience that is tailored to their brand allows for:

  • A consistent brand identity where mission-critical communication happens
  • A more familiar environment for the team’s virtual office
  • A sense of ownership of the collaboration hub
  • Reinforcement that the platform is an integral part of the organization’s infrastructure

The proposed custom branding enhancements include the following capabilities.

Add your company logo

Customize your experience by adding a company logo which will appear in the header of the login screen and the header of the main application.

You can also add a favicon that will customize the icon that appears in your web browser.

Create branded themes

Rather than relying on end-users to create their own custom themes, organizations can create custom themes that will be available to their user base to leverage. Theme defaults can also be set to ensure a consistent experience for all users in the system.

Leverage more customizations for the login screen

In addition to the login page customizations you can already do, we’re looking at adding:

  • Customized titles
  • Customized colors for backgrounds, text and buttons
  • Custom background image

What do you think?

We’d love to know what you think about this proposal. If you’re an enterprise customer who wants greater customization in your Mattermost instance, I’d love to chat. Connect with me on the mattermost community UX Design channel or reach out to your customer success team to connect.