Developer Tools Suggestion

I have been using Git for a long time now for handling small projects easily, but now I am facing some issues with this tool I want to know about a tool that can help me in managing, and deploy traditional applications to advanced micro-services anywhere.
Please put relevant and effective suggestions


Here is a Developer Tool Discussion channel that you may find interesting, in a public Mattermost community server:

DevOps has now become a really important part of one’s business and management DevOps tools consist of configuration management, test and build systems, application deployment, version control and monitoring tools.

Some of the most popular DevOps tools are:

Puppet: Puppet is one of the most widely-used DevOps tools. It permits delivering and releases the technology changes quickly and often. It contains features of versioning, automated testing and continuous delivery. If you are facing issues using Git then you can refer these following tools-

Docker: Docker is a high-end DevOps tool that enables building, shipping and running distributed applications on multiple systems. It helps assemble the applications quickly and is often suitable for container management.

Jenkins: Jenkins is one of the most popular DevOps tools that allow monitoring the executions of repeated jobs. Not only this, Jenkins lets you integrate the changes and access the results easily and quickly.

Ansible: This tool helps automate the whole life-cycle of an application. It manages complicated deployments and speeds up productivity.

Nagios: This tool helps monitor the IT infrastructure. It is able to determine the errors and rectify them with the help of the standard network, server and log monitoring systems.

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