Announce: deb & rpm packages for Mattermost

Hello Forum,

since our typical customers are not too comfortable with Docker/Puppet/Chef etc we created rpm and deb packages (and accompanying documentation) based on the official download archives.

Download archives with those packages are available to everyone and package repositories for our customers. You can find instruction on how to set them up at

Currently we are internally still treating these packages like a beta, but are quite happy how the packages behave and want to relabel them as final quite soon.

Looking forward to you feedback.

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Careful: it makes the reader think that Puppet and Chef don’t play well with Deb or RPM packages. Such an idea would be wrong, as installable artefacts and config management are important parts of proper verifiable, repeatable, consistent software management.

That was never the intention. And of course you could still use your config mgmt system of choice on top of our packages.

.deb packages are nice but manually going to a website and downloading a new .deb and then installing it every time there is an update is not something most (lazy) people are likely to do.

Perhaps putting some effort into an official SNAP package is worth serious consideration. There is already an unofficial one out there that is quite good. You could always look at the SNAP package S L A C K has for the harder to figure out configuration parts.

Just my 2c.

Thanks for the .deb package!