Package available for Arch Linux

I created a package for easy deployment of mattermost on Arch Linux.
The steps required to package the software were a bit convoluted, but I think the result looks good enough. It would be easier to maintain if it wasn’t so tightly coupled with docker.

I will probably file some pull requests to make it play nicer as a package but other than that I welcome suggestions for improvements.


I was trying to do pacman -S mattermost and it said target not found. What am I doing wrong?

It’s non in the repos of Arch, you have to use yaourt or manually donwload the PKGBUILD from AUR (follow the link above)

You can find more info here

looking for a simple single click install of team version for a startup site

Thanks that was helpful! Just getting started with ArchLinux!

Is there some more instructions where I continue form there? I want to use apache and mysql if that is possible?