Diagnosing Push Notification Issues


Push notifications fail intermittently but regularly


  • Mattermost 5.10
  • iOS version 1.16.1

Steps to reproduce

Difficult to reproduce but happens frequently

Observed Behavior

When a push notification fails this error is output to the log

{"level":"error","ts":1551878425.5894473,"caller":"app/notification_push.go:285","msg":"Device push reported as error for UserId=wjqfcjrdac8nfdrn3c7tjhybcc
 SessionId=wzc7hek3zt5hp5dfpagrzjxsxg message=Post https://hpns-de.mattermost.com/api/v1/send_push: dial tcp: i/o timeout","user_id":"wjqfcjrdac8nfdrn3c7tjhybcc"}

Steps tried

  1. Changed HPNS to German push notification server
  2. Changed DNS to public DNS (
  3. Logged out of all active sessions and logged in on mobile device

What else could we try to debug this intermittent connectivity?

Having the same exact issue!