Disable team admin import slack channel rights on enterprise mattermost

System admins and team admins are currently (5.13) allowed to import slack channels into enterpise mattermost editions. However, nothing warns the the team admin user to make sure the user names from slack match to the LDAP sync rules established in the config file. So the user names come in wrong, get disabled, and user is frustrated they can’t start using their mattermost team without IT Support.

System admin is frustrated because now a bunch of usernames need to be fixed manually.

Can mattermost please add a feature to disable team admin slack imports?

Hi @sjenkins, would you be open to contacting our enterprise support team. They might have more details on this issue. You can use this link: https://mattermost.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Please see https://mattermost.com/support/ for more details.