Does Mattermost have Real-time file editing feature?


Does Mattermost have Real-time file editing feature?
I think this feature is absolutely necessary for collaboration.

If this function is not available, please let me know if there is a function to overwrite the sent file.

Thanks and regards

Hello BMSeo,

We appreciate you bringing up this question and your continuous support towards Mattermost.

As of now, Mattermost doesn’t include a real-time file editing feature. The platform’s main focus is communication and collaboration, and we understand how real-time file editing could enhance your experience.

While you cannot overwrite a sent file, you can upload a new version of the file in the conversation thread. In the meantime, for real-time collaborative file editing, we recommend integrating services like Google Drive, Office 365, or other third-party tools compatible with Mattermost.

We’re always eager to improve and expand our feature offerings, so user feedback is greatly appreciated. We’d be glad to take your suggestion into consideration for our roadmap.

Again, thank you for your insightful query and suggestions.

Best regards,
~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

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