Collaborative text editing / Etherpad integration


is there a plugin/integration for collaborative editing of textfiles? I don’t need anything fancy, a basic ability for users to edit a text file would be enough. Something like Etherpad would be nice.

I know there is Collabora-Mattermost and I have it set up and running, but this is a bit overkill. A simple thingy like Etherpad is more than enough

And really nice would be something that works on smartphones or even in the app.

Is there something like this?

Hello, @afab

I can only think of Collabora Integration for now when it comes to allowing file edits in Mattermost. May I know what do you mean by the integration being a bit overkill?

Are you referring to the process of setting up the online server in order to use the plugin or the resource that the integration consumes?

Could this be done with GitHub and integration of the GitHub plugin to your Mattermost instance?