Draw plugin not working

Draw plugin is not working on Mattermost 7.7.1 and 7.10.0

Steps to reproduce
Download plugin here: Releases · jespino/mattermost-plugin-draw · GitHub
Upload by System Console + activate

Check on config.json:

“com.mattermost.draw-plugin”: {
“Enable”: true

Expected behavior
Click on Draw button and be able to draw

Observed behavior
Nothing happens! And that is weird…
No logs related to the plugin on:
journalctl -f -u mattermost
tail -f /opt/mattermost/logs/mattermost.log

I observed that after using draw button (and nothing happens) I get an error on the GUI, on integrations and custom emojis: An error occurred in the com.mattermost.draw-plugin plugin.

Other plugins works fine on the same instance!

I appreciate any help!

Hi @Martu and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I was unable to install the plugin in version 0.0.4 into my 7.10 demo system, not sure if this is still supposed to work on newer setups, it didn’t receive updates for quite some time and there were some breaking changes I think for plugins in one of the last few releases.

Also trying to compile the code which seems to also have a preview of the 0.0.5 version does not work here, getting the following errors:

npm WARN tarball tarball data for redux-offline@git+ssh://git@github.com/enahum/redux-offline.git#885024de96b6ec73650c340c8928066585c413df (sha512-srmJ1vWm8ZQTYflZCf7oUs3WBX83GyCIzsFUpwxUg2wcDHngSHjjShRTCgmkciPkVmM4aJ33i9baYS9jRC+zLA==) seems to be corrupted. Trying again.
npm ERR! sha512-srmJ1vWm8ZQTYflZCf7oUs3WBX83GyCIzsFUpwxUg2wcDHngSHjjShRTCgmkciPk                                                                                                  VmM4aJ33i9baYS9jRC+zLA== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha                                                                                                  512-srmJ1vWm8ZQTYflZCf7oUs3WBX83GyCIzsFUpwxUg2wcDHngSHjjShRTCgmkciPkVmM4aJ33i9ba                                                                                                  YS9jRC+zLA== but got sha512-SThdHzd9uoZ4Uo6I1X4fc1Q1aU5erk6TRZdRVdRtkHrIaYzVhcNq                                                                                                  ZYGg/euh+LVfiAWQIo6WPeKuGgrZVghBSw==. (49960 bytes)

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /root/.npm/_logs/2023-05-22T05_02_04_603Z-debug.log
make: *** [Makefile:79: webapp/node_modules] Error 1

@jespino since this seems to be “your” plugin: Any ideas?

Thank you for your reply @agriesser

Let’s see if @jespino can tell us something…! :slight_smile:

I am also having problems installing “Mattermost Message Queue”, also created by @jespino, is it for the same reason?

Thanks for creating these plugins in any case!

That’s likely, although I haven’t tested the message queue plugin with a recent installation, unfortunately there are no release binaries and I’m unable to build it to test it:

npm WARN tar TAR_ENTRY_INFO stripping / from absolute path
npm ERR! code 1
npm ERR! git dep preparation failed
npm ERR! npm ERR! request to https://registry.npmjs.org/is-retry-allowed/-/is-retry-allowed-1.1.0.tgz failed, reason: Socket timeout
npm ERR!

Thanks for trying anyway!

Do you know of any puglin that could be an alternative to Messages Queue Plugin?