Editing "Full Name" gets overwritten with GitLab SSO


Edits to “Full Name” in Mattermost profile get overwritten by the setting from the GitLab SSO provider.

Steps to reproduce

(MM 5.22.1) Main Menu/Account Settings/General/Full Name -> edit
I am able to edit the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields.
Login again.
-> Edits are gone and replaced by the Settings pulled from GitLab.

Expected behavior

I would expect the editing option to be blocked, like it is done for the username:
“This field is handled through your login provider. If you want to change it, you need to do so through your login provider.”

It should not be possible to edit these fields if the modifications are not preserved. Is there a config setting I missed, like the FirstNameAttribute / LastNameAttribute settings for AD/LDAP and SAML SSO providers?

Thanks a lot: Jan.

@hmhealey Would you have any ideas on this?

No, sorry. I wasn’t aware we even got the first/last name from an OAuth SSO provider like GitLab. I wonder if the same thing applies to other fields like username and email, but the UI at least knows to block editing them on the Mattermost side.

This does definitely sound like a bug, but I imagine it’s an older one that would also affect Office365 and Google logins as well.

thanks for the reply!
username and email get pulled from gitlab, too. So, how to proceed? Do I file a bug report on github?

Opened a ticket here https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-26316

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@JanBoehme Do you have both First Name and Last Name fields filled in Gitlab SSO?

In Gitlab there’s only one field for “Full name”. This seems to be split at the first space and filled to Mattermost’s respective first and last name fields.

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