Gitlab login over-writes username


When users have to re-authenticate via gitlab, their mattermost username gets over-written with the one from gitlab. This is unwanted.

Steps to reproduce

Using 3.9.0 and all previous versions of mattermost, delegating authentication to a separate gitlab installation.
Create a user, then change the user’s username. Then expire the session or otherwise force the user to re-authenticate.

Expected behavior

None of the user’s account details are replaced; the only field required to match their gitlab account is the email address.

Observed behavior

The username is replaced with the gitlab username. Possibly First and Last names are replaced too, I am not sure.

Hi @gubbins,

Thank you for your feedback,

It is expected behavior for the username to be replaced by the GitLab username when a user authenticates via GitLab.

OK… then I will raise a feature idea to make that optional, because we don’t want that to happen.

Thanks @gubbins, could you link the feature idea back to this post so others who might want to up-vote it can do so?