Editing other user's messages through API

Would it be possible to integrate an API for bots to edit messages in a channel? For instance, if a user posted:

Hey guys, I found a problem in pull request #200

Which the bot could edit into the following message:

Hey guys, I found a problem in pull request [#200](http://github.com/me/repo/pull/200)

This is a current feature in Gitter (another messaging app), and it certainly helps against having a bot pushing messages every time something is referenced.


Thanks for the feature idea, I can see how this would be useful. If you could please contribute this idea to the feature idea forum then other community members can up vote.

@momothereal - there seems to be a fair amount of support behind this idea… It’s worded slightly differently but I’m fairly certain it would accommodate what you’re looking for. If you concur, cast your vote!