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I have got a question about integrating emails with mattermost. I was looking for infromation how to configure an integration emails with mattermost in documentation of mattermost (, Mattermost Peer-to Peer Forum (, mattermost uservoice forum (, Roadmap of Mattermost and searching on the Internet, but I found only one sollution. – mattermail. I wanted to check all funcjonality of integrating email using mattermail and I have configured mattermail using following steps Apps & Integrations | Mattermost ( After I tested mattermail, Im sure that this sollution doesnt fulfil our expectations. In mattermail I will be obligate to forwarding all emails of members from my team to one e-mail adress. Than I should configure this one e-mail adress to sort and send notifications to different channels depend on which user should get the e-mail. This sollution will be weakness for security and unpractical for my company.

We want to configure emails integrations simillar to sollution in Slack ( Everyone from our team should be able to connect his emails to mattermost channels. User should be independend from administrator. Effect should be that user will be able to see all notifications on his mattermost channel that he recived email from his configured email inbox.

Thanks for the feedback @aleksjablo!

Mattermail was created by a community member with the intention to listen to an email box and publish all received emails in a channel or private group in Mattermost.

If you would like to see a more complete email integration such as the one you referenced, I encourage you to upvote an existing feature request for email integration. Each member receives 10 upvotes in uservoice, influencing the future direction of Mattermost.

It seems like the best solution continues to be Mattermail (?).

Hi @dannycast0nguay,

Thanks for your question,

You can take a look at all the current integrations available for Mattermost. Perhaps there’s something newer than Mattermail…

Dear friends, we are running Mattermost server 5.25.1, and needed a eMail integration for it.

So we’ve tryed Mattermail first, but got a error in Mattermail logs on the stage of Mattermost auth.
It looks like Mattermail is still using api V3? Even with ApiV3 = False flag we see urls pointing to Api V3?

So should Mattermail work with new versions of Mattermost server?

Or should we use Mail2Most instead?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, @Netrotor

I checked on Mattermail’s github page and it seems that it has been archived for quite a while.

Looking at Mail2most, this looks more promising since the last update was 2 months ago. So, I’d recommend you to give Mail2Most a shot here.

Thanks, so we’ve switched to Mail2Most, and it works fine!

Nice job, impressive commuity, awesome product)

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