Email notifications only if I'm offline

Right now, if I only use the browser and switch to different tabs my status changes from green to yellow. If someone sends me a direct message, I receive an email. That’s annoying. I don’t want to disable email notification as a whole. It makes much more sense to only send emails about messages I received while I was offline.

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Thanks @T3rm1 for the feedback,

we’ve heard something similar related to push notifications as well and it might tie in with how “away” is defined at Mattermost.

Would you be interested to chime in on an on-going discussion about what it means to be “away” from Mattermost?

Im not sure if that works. I took a look at the discussion and saw it started 7 months ago. Right now my impression is that mattermost lacks a lot basic things and nothing is done about it or at least very slowly. I think the whole development process is somehow not optimal. I rarely see a project that is so popular but makes this little progress.

We are currently evaluating mattermost for our company but come across many problems. For example if someone pastes an image from clipboard, others cannot view it in original size expect they download and save it. I’m going to create a bug or feature request for that but this is something so basic it should have been included from the beginning. This is just an example. There are many more “small” issues like this.

Hi @T3rm1

Thank you for your valued feedback!

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