Embedded slash command in hyperlink


Is there a way to send (using my bot) an hyperlink that - when clicked - will behave like a slash command (instead of “normal” hyperlink that open a browser location to the url)

Example (using hyperlink format)

[Check out Mattermost!] + (https://myWebUrl/display/mattrmost/)
This would display a link, but behave exactly like a “dynamic” slash command redirecting to the given url.

This would enable my bots to send “button-like” urls that would perform additional actions and display results in the channel

I tried to do this in version 3.4, by posting a “text” with the slash command, but it didn’t work. It didn’t interpret the text as a slash command but instead like a regular text. I’m not sure if changes have been done since.

Hi @pascal.ducaule and @ngcnelson

Thanks for your question! Mattermost does not yet have the ability to embed slash commands within hyperlinks.

If you’d like to see this feature in the product, could we ask your help creating a feature suggestion on the forum? Here, you and others can up-vote the suggestion to gain popularity.