[SOLVED] Goto_location in Slash Command reponse


Based on documentation, I wanted to implement this on a bot that I’m creating:


Use the field goto_location with a URL as the value to redirect the user of the command to a webpage

I’m putting the URL but I get redirected to the Team Selection page. This happens in the client and also in the web interface. I’m using version 3.4.

I know the URL is correct, because I’m also posting it to the channel and clicking on it works.

Is the URL supposed to be in some special format here?

Any help will be appreciated.


For those interested, I’m making an integration with http://appear.in and I want the person that initiates the call, to redirect them to their video chatroom.

Looking at the source code, it seems like you’re using React browserHistory.push(). Did a quick search and this function seems to work with relative paths and it doesn’t seem to be an option for opening a new tab (if in the browser) or call the browser (if in the client).
Is this the intended functionality?

Hi @ngcnelson,

Nice catch. I think you’re right that it should work for external links as well. I think we missed that because we only use it ourselves to change channels on /goto. It still needs to go through React Router for those internal links, but it can use window.open for anything external.

If you wouldn’t mind filing an issue on GitHub, we can prioritize it or see if any community members are interested in working on it.

Hi @hmhealey
It is done: https://github.com/mattermost/platform/issues/4359