Emoji-Picker Button?

Hi There,

I’d really love to see an emoji-button at the end of my text input bar and when i click it, a “new” emoji-chooser pops up, for example http://ned.im/wdt-emoji-bundle/, which seems like a nice chooser (like the one Slack is using).

With this, it would be able to search through all emoji to find a fitting one versus having a autocomplete-list after typing “:”.

What do you think?


Hi @jkt684, yes agreed - we have a ticket here to add an emoji picker: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PLT-3645

We’re currently working on adding Emoji Reactions, and as a part of this we’ll also add an emoji picker control. Then we should be able to re-use that part for adding an emoji-button to the text input box.

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@jkt684 also, if the emoji picker is something you’re interested in contributing, that would be great - you can come sign up for our team site at pre-release.mattermost.com to discuss it further

Edit: Some thoughts from the developer working on Emoji Reactions on the library

Emoji picker is now available as a pre-release feature in mattermost.
Enable it by: Account Settings -> Advanced -> Preview pre-release features -> Enable emoji picker

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