Emojis and gifs picker in mobile client

Mattermost has Emoji Picker and GIF integration in its web application.

Does its mobile client also support such features?

Yes these features are supported on the mobile app.

Is it possible to pick and select gifs and emojis on the mobile app?

Well yes both of them are supported on mobile app :slight_smile:

Interesting. We tested mattermost ios v1.28.0 and couldn’t find it. Looks like it is only possible to upload emoji from the input method and we didn’t find GIF Picker. Where we can find them or are there any special settings that need to be enabled?

I didn’t see this feature on the currently latest mobile clients, both iOS and Android.

Hello, everyone.

I believe that you are referring to the following feature which is available on the desktop & web app:

On the mobile app, you do not see the smiley icon to choose the emojis. Can I please confirm if I get that right?

If yes, the emoji picker is only available when you type in the :. This may be a good feature request to add next to the camera icon (used to snap photo) in the mobile app. You can raise this up in the Mattermost Uservoice channel for public visibility.

I see that you can select emoji via the : keyboard character, which is cool. However, I am not seeing a way to bring up the gify selection UI.

I can’t believe that I’d be someone to argue in favor of such a frivolous feature, but after 20+ years of doing IT all over the country I have realized how important it is for individual contributors to express themselves; animated gifs really enable individual personalities to surface :hugs:

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Then why isn’t it there? :wink:

This needs adding ASAP. Tying “:” and scrolling through every single emoji one by one is tedious. Give us the Emoji button that the desktop app has please!

Hi @THGhost ,

The emoji picker feature has been merged already and will be part of the next release of the mobile app (2.1). See this PR for more details:

I do not see it in my iOS iPhone 12 app at all! The GIF picker and emoji picker do not appear in my version app 2.11.0 and server 9.3.0 self hosted. It was never available as far as I remember…
This is important for my family team. I am on team edition of MM