Gif keyboard on iOS / Android

Not sure if I’m missing something but are gifs supported on the default iOS keyboard? I’m not seeing the option to search for gifs when using the iPad app. It’s there on desktop/web and works fine. On Android it seems to be dependent on which keyboard you’re using.

Hi @jenkculture and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I don’t think they are, I can also not see custom emojis from the server here - but @elias is definitely able to provide a better answer.

Hey, so this is not a feature that is built into the app, what you get on Android is cause some Android keyboards like Gboard will have this feature included as part of the keyboard, thus the app will attach the gif as a file attachment for the post. iOS however does not have this feature built into the keyboard, thus is not available, on some apps like WhatApp they have extended they keyboard functionality to add a gif selector.

All that said I know there is a /gif slash command that should help you share gifs in your posts.